“I’ve been using your products for about a month and my acne has cleared up. I’m working now to see if the scars will clear up with continued use. Whoever the nice woman is that was at the Nashville Farmers Market today also helped my son and I when we first purchased about a month ago. I honestly can’t believe how much my skin has improved. I’ve been dealing with adult acne since I turned 26 and I’m now 37. Your products have given me self confidence again which has been badly bruised from such a long bout with acne. I also have a blood deficiency that keeps me from using most acne products because I’m allergic to salicylic acid and benzoyl is too harsh. Your products and staff are amazing.

~Danielle W.

“We vacationed in Nashville this summer and ran across the Erin Body Care products. I purchased the Edible Exfoliant. Most amazing scrub, mask, you name it ever!! I’ve spent tons of money in the past on high end facial products. This product blows competition away. My skin has never looked better. I just ordered more along with the One moisturizer which I can’t wait to try. Thank you so much!!”

~Shonda T.

“In January (2019) I met up with 2 friends to take a long walk and catch up. As we wound our way around the bicentennial mall we stopped by to see the shops in the farmers market and saw lovely blue glass jars and a sign that said ‘organic.’  After a wonderful conversation with Erin, who carefully explained her products and how they are made, we all decided it was time to pay attention to the ingredients in our face cleansing and care products and start 2019 with a new routine. We all bought starter kits and vowed to be consistent with the instructions Erin provided. The first thing I noticed was that my skin was drinking in the facial oil. I was concerned it would be ‘oily’ but that was not the case. And I really appreciated the way the cream is a gentle but thorough cleanser.
So I stayed faithful. In April, at my daughter’s wedding (!)  my skin had a nice clear glow- and I felt so confident. In May, my husband and I went on a short mountain weekend to enjoy a bike ride and the beautiful views.  I woke up the first day in the rental cottage to discover I had forgotten my foundation. My first thought was to find a cosmetic store. I felt a little panic. But then I used my scrub, applied my toner and oil, and added a little color to my checks and eyes. I was so surprised!  I was ready to go- the missing foundation wasn’t even noticeable.
I’ve used many facial products over the years but I’ve never used anything so simple, yet so simply wonderful.
I’m becoming a grandmother in 2019 and I am so glad to have these great organic products to support and improve my skin with no concerns about harsh chemicals and ingredients.
Thank you Erin !”

~Mary Beth F.

“I wanted to let you know after using your products for a month how much I love the way my skin looks and feels! I had been searching for a clean, essential oil-based skin care, and was thrilled when a friend recommend Erin Body Care. I was happy to support a female owned, local company. But I am even happier now after using the products!
My two favorite items are the eye serum and the cream cleanser. I have dry skin, and I use the cream cleanser for washing and moisturizing. I apply a thin layer under my foundation. And although I just turned forty, my skin looks younger and stays moist all day!
Thank you and please keep up the great work.”

~Lauren B.

“My partner and I love Erin Body Care products! We have been using the “maturing skin” set religiously for more than a year! I usually go through dry patches in the winter, but I am happy to say that this set has kept my skin moisturized even on the coldest streaks( the lip butter is also amazing)! We have used many of her products and have yet to be disappointed. We are grateful to have found a skin care line that is 100% natural ( you don’t have to worry about hidden toxins), made with care and passion! We can not recommend this line enough!”

~Angela M.

“My daughter introduced me to these lovely products as a gift, I'm so glad she did! Only a few days of use and already have noticeable difference that coworkers complement my glow. I'm only using the Edible Facial Exfoliant, Immortelle Toner, and The Only One Facial Oil. Over the past year I turned 40 and my skin decided to dry out. I've changed all skin care and tried many foundations with no real results until now. I support all aspects of these products as I've had a desire to create similar products, but these are better than I could have imagined! Thank you Erin! Excited to place an order to try more!”

~Leslie P.

“I use the edible exfoliant for my face every day, and I absolutely love it. It’s gentle enough that I can use it daily, but the natural exfoliants keep my skin soft and moisturized. I follow up with the rose toner and only one facial oil and the quality of my skin has improved ten fold. I love these products so much, as they are all natural and so healthy for your skin. I can’t get enough, and no other product has even compared to the results I’ve gotten using these products. I have cystic acne in some areas of my face, and these are the only products that have reduced their size and appearance naturally. The best face products I’ve ever used!!”

~Taylor B.

“I discovered Erin Body Care while on vacation in Nashville at the Farmer's Market. For the past couple of months I had been searching for cleaner beauty and makeup products, and when I saw Erin's products, I was interested. Erin was very informed and knowledgable about the products she makes. I typically like to do quite a bit of research before I purchase beauty products, however, I had a good feeling about her and her mission. I loved the cream cleanser and exfoliant I purchased, and have made several purchases since then and continue to love this company and their mission more and more. Thank you Erin for creating sustainable, healthy, and luxurious products! I would highly recommend these quality beauty products and have received great customer service as well!”

~Victoria B.

"I've always made a point to try and take great care of my skin (using exfoliating scrubs, anti-aging cream cleansers, witch hazel toner, mud and paper masks, etc.), so I was really surprised when I got into my mid-20's that it felt like nothing I did would truly give me a clear complexion. It seemed like one remedy would cause another problem, and even when I tried natural/oil fixes, the results weren't helpful enough to stick with it. Not only was I experiencing breakouts from hormonal imbalance, but my skin was staying ruddy and tired. After a separate, transformative journey to overhaul my mental health, I started realizing how important it was to pay attention to my body, what it was telling me it needed, and how to use natural solutions to solve root problems. I discovered Erin Body Care's skin care products a few months ago at the Nashville Farmer's Market, and within days was seeing my skin restore itself. What used to be a four-step, 30-minute process just to wash my face at night has turned into a simple wash-and-moisturize routine. I use the Edible Exfoliant in the A.M., the Cream Cleanser in the P.M., and follow both with the Only One facial oil. I've also used the Aloe & Rose facial toner in the past, and it was such a nice refresher when needing to freshen up midday. Not only does Erin have incredible, healing products, but she's a wealth of knowledge and is incredibly kind and personable. I will continue to use her products, and am excited to explore even more of the Erin Body Care line!" 

~Katie B.

“While visiting Nashville, I was first introduced to Erin Body Care and bought the body oil. I completely fell in love with it!  The smell and feel were wonderful!  Next, I ordered the facial toner, facial oil, cream cleanser and edible exfoliant. I fell in love more! These products are incredible. I look forward to washing my face every morning and night. I absolutely love the way everything feels on my face. The smell is so clean and fresh. I’ve noticed my skin glows and it feels great! I highly recommend these products - no harsh chemicals, no animal testing and you will see amazing results on your skin! “

~Vanessa L.

"When I was in Nashville back in February, I was writing with a friend and right next door to our writing room was a woman making organic skin care products, it was Erin. I poked my head in and we started talking about my skin. I told her I went to the doctors recently and they prescribed me Epiduo (a cream) and Doxycycline (low dose antibiotics) to clear up my skin. I had been on it for about 2 weeks and all I notices was how dull my skin became. It lost its glow!  Erin said that I should stop taking everything and that she could help me with a skin care routine. I decided to give it a try.  I immediately noticed a change in my skin, it was so soft. I was so happy being able to use 100% organic natural ingredients to clear up my skin.  Since February, I have been doing this skin care routine everyday and my skin has been happy and healthy. I love this product!"

~McKenna F.

"I have been battling with sporadic breakouts since I was a teenager. Through the years I’ve tried a countless number of products and nothing seemed to do the trick. Because  I’ve had breakouts all my life I also have some acne scaring and discoloration. Since using the Erin Body Care, I’ve noticed results that are visible. Before, I wouldn’t go a day without makeup because of my acne scaring.  My acne scars have faded and now I have smooth glowing skin and am comfortable without makeup. The Cream Cleanser is tough enough to take off makeup and it leaves your skin feeling moisturized. The Edible Exfoliant exfoliates just the perfect amount and I think that’s what’s really contributed to my fading acne scars. I love the Aloe & Rose Toner because it refreshes and tones with natural essential oils. The 'Only One' Facial Oil is made with jojoba oil which is the closest oil to the natural oils in the skin. I’ve researched other skin care lines that have this and this line is the complete package. So many skin care lines these days contain chemicals and ingredients that aren’t good for you. Erin Body Care products are good inside and out!"

~Leah D.

"So I haven’t posted a selfie in a real long time bc my skin was AWFUL!!! It was uneven and blotchy and I had dry spots and mega dark circles. I was embarrassed and hated being in my own skin. I tried different kinds of face wash and lotions and it just seemed to make it WORSE! My skin is super sensitive and I had a feeling that the chemicals in those products I was using were worsening my symptoms. One rainy day I was walking through the farmers market and met Erin. She told me about her skin products and how they are ALL NATURAL and I thought, could this be it? The answer to my skin problem? And you guys, I am SO HAPPY to say that these products WORK! I rarely ever give shout outs to anything but this has changed my life! And I wanted to share it with you bc I feel like nowadays you see women going to doctors and getting zapped or botoxed (which no judgement it’s just not for me) and I was starting to think that there was no other way to get beautiful, healthy skin. So if you like all natural ingredients and beauty like this girl does, you should check out Erin Body Care!"

~Bea S.

"I happened by Erin’s shoppe at the Nashville Farmers Market and I’m so happy I did! After pleasantly chatting with Erin about her products, I settled on the 1oz Cream Cleanser for Face. I have NEVER felt a cleanser leave my face so moisturized! I am thrilled with the product and can’t sing its praises enough! I will definitely be getting more when it runs low and will try another product too."

~Dana B.

"Met her at the Nashville Farmers Market and was skeptical about trying natural products but oh my gosh I love them. I had dry skin in Nashville and was worried how bad it would be after moving to Arizona but this stuff works! My skin isn't dry and is healthier than it has ever been. Additionally the price is amazing, the packaging is beautiful and its easy to order and travel with."

~Amber K.

"Absolutely love this product, as a hydraulic mechanic I get frequently covered in grease and oils but the Epsom scrub and face moisturizer does the trick."

~Chris R.

"Enjoying your silk body butter line, so glad you came over to the ArtFest weekend in Spokane this summer! love the product, would purchase again..."

~Lila M.

"Found this company while traveling in WA state this summer. Sulfate and chemical free products! Just ordered online and they personalized the order! The body butter smells amazing!"

~Rachel R.