Natural Beauty Set

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Natural Beauty Set


Edible Exfoliant - 2 oz. glass jar with PET lined aluminum lid

'The Only One' Facial Oil - 2 oz. cobalt blue glass dropper bottle

Hair & Beard Tonic - 2 oz. cobalt blue glass dropper bottle

The Lip Butter - 0.5 oz. aluminum tin


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This is your natural hair and skin care set from the neck up!! Handmade goodness at more than 10% savings~

The Edible Exfoliant:

This Edible Exfoliant is formulated for daily use, gentle enough for face and body--cleansing and nourishing your skin to a natural state of beauty! Humectants of goats milk and organic honey restore moisture while also providing natural anti-bacterial properties to help soothe acne-prone skin.  Oats provide polysaccharides to fight dry, flaky, inflamed skin as well as improving collagen deposition. Rosemary and cocoa nibs act as astringents and tighten pores.  Almonds gently exfoliate while offering Vitamin E for its anti-oxidant properties.  Red lentils and nutmeg are used in Ayurveda for their ability to fight blackheads and acne. This exfoliant can also be used as a restorative, deeply moisturizing mask--double duty!! This exfoliant is suitable for daily use from forehead to toes!

Ingredients: Raw Honey*, Goat's milk, Almonds, Whole Grain Oats, Quinoa*, Red Lentils*, Raw Cacao*, Rosemary*, Nutmeg*.

* denotes USDA organic

To Use: Massage 1 teaspoon of exfoliant with a few drops of water on to a damp face using a gentle circular motion.  Leave on for 10-15 minutes for a deeply moisturizing mask.  Rinse with warm water.  Follow with 'The Only One' Facial Oil to moisturize and protect.  Use, daily.

'The Only One' Facial Oil:

This is the only facial moisturizer that you will need!  A base of Organic Jojoba oil delivers anti-oxidants Vitamin E, Avocado oil, Moroccan Argan oil to nourish the skin back to a supple state.   Carrot Seed oil is a featured ingredient, not only for its anti-oxidant properties and natural SPF protection it provides from the Sun, but also for everything else it does for the skin.  It nourishes, tightens, and rejuvenates, fights age spots and wrinkles, AND soothes eczema and other dermal irritations--a real powerhouse!! Essential oil of Sandalwood helps to center and ground, adding an alluring woodsy scent.  Tangerine oil uplifts and energizes.  Geranium oil calms and helps to sooth redness from Rosacea and facial inflammation.  Use morning and evening after cleansing.  

Ingredients: Golden Jojoba oil*, Moroccan Argan oil*, Avocado oil, Vitamin E, Essential oils of Carrot Seed, Sandalwood, Tangerine, and Geranium*.

* denotes USDA organic

To Use: Apply to a clean and dry face.  Place 4-7 drops in palm and apply gently to face.  Use morning and evening to moisturize and protect.  Its the only one you will need!!

The Hair & Beard Tonic:

For a healthy, shiny, frizz-less hair-do--this is your go-to hair tonic!!  Coconut oil adds natural shine, softens hair, and penetrates the hair shaft while Macadamia oil and Moroccan Argan oil eliminate frizz, replenish moisture, increase elasticity, AND seal the cuticle to keep in all that goodness!  Jojoba oil moisturizes while Rosemary oil stimulates circulation to the scalp, improving hair growth and root strength.  Jasmine oil tames unruly locks and locks in moisture while Geranium strengthens hair.  Tangerine oil invigorates and Sandalwood balances it all out with a lovely woodsy note!  Hands down--this is your go-to hair and/or beard tonic!!

Ingredients: Extra Virgin Coconut Oil*, Golden Jojoba Oil*, Macadamia Oil*, Moroccan Argan Oil*, Essential oils of Sandalwood, Tangerine, Jasmine, Rosemary*, and Geranium*.

* denotes USDA organic

To Use: Place 3-8 drops in palm of hand and rub palms together.  Scrunch oil into dampened hair, scalp, and/or beard. Great as a leave-in conditioner!

The Lip Butter:

This handmade Lip Butter provides protection for soft & supple lips, so natural you don't need to worry about licking your lips!  Vitamin E and Avocado Oil restore moisture.  Cocoa butter and beeswax give long-lasting care.  Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and Carrot Seed oil give natural SPF protection.

Ingredients: Beeswax*, Cocoa Butter*, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil*, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E, Essential oils of Carrot Seed and Tangerine.

* denotes USDA organic