My Story

My mother was a biochemist. Her studies inspired me to seek some understanding of the natural chemistry involved in caring for the skin and body. I took cosmetology courses for a few years when I was younger, adding to my understanding of how to achieve healthy hair and skin. In 2013, I completed my certification in Integrated Health and Nutrition from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City. With all of this knowledge and experience, I had a very strong foundation from which to begin my research and formulations.

My path to creating the highest quality products started simply when I dedicated myself to cleaning up my skin-care routine. I spent so much time and effort towards eating in a clean and nourishing way that I felt it was time to pay the same level of attention to my most visible and extensive organ: my skin. In the same scrupulous fashion that I addressed my healthful dietary choices, I sought out natural body-care products without all of the chemical additives. But I had very little success while searching for items that didn't contain parabens, sulfates and other less than nurturing elements. All of the products I found seemed to have at least one ingredient that seemed unnecessary. So I sought to create my own.

During the creation of each product in my skin-care line, every ingredient is carefully curated to be a pure, natural component that is meant to enhance and preserve our customers' health and well-being. Science, nature, simplicity, and purity are the cornerstones of my formulations. The proof is in the product. Give Erin's Botanicals a try, and your body will thank you!

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